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Compere & Public Speaking


Educate, Entertain & Inspire

Whether it's a captivating concert journey or a mind-blowing mainstage lecture that inspires people to find their purpose in life, a Bibby J's event is sure to make an impression. Whenever she speaks, from concert halls to radio broadcasts to corporate events, Bibby J always surprises and delights her audiences. By the conclusion of the event, viewers all across the globe aren't only amused, they're also inspired to take risks and become their most fearless, confident selves.

Book a Discovery Session with Bibby J

Find Out if Bibby J is a Good Fit for Your Event or Company Meeting by Scheduling a Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

Lets Work


With a strong portfolio of varied speaking engagements, Bibby could be the perfect fit for what you’re looking for!  Get in contact with Bibby  right away, and together you can make your event seem amazing.

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