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Risk Manager

Risk Management Consultant,  Diversity, Equity & inclusion Leader,
Public Speaker  & Compere

From making strategic decisions to hosting  events, Bibby is here to help. Using her expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results! Get in touch to book a meeting.





Speaking Engagements

Bibby J is the consummate storyteller. With expertise and experience covering a variety of topics, audiences leave their talks entertained and inspired. Learn more about their speaking engagements.



Event Host

Bibby J constantly captivates her audiences and leaves them with laughter, pleasure, and the want for more, whether it's a spectacular concert, conference or an intimate gathering.



Risk Management

From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, I’m here to help. Using my expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.

'Swedish Death Cleaning' is here! 

"Swedish death cleaning" is a term coined by Margareta Magnusson in her book "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter."

This concept refers to the practice of decluttering and organizing one's possessions with the intention of easing the burden on loved ones after one's passing. It's not only about tidying up but also about intentionally curating one's belongings to leave behind a manageable and meaningful legacy. Swedish death cleaning encourages individuals to evaluate their belongings, keeping only what truly matters and letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy.

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Conversations with 

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We are really thankful to Bibby. In fact, it was, in my view, your greatest emcee performance to yet. Thanks very much. May God bestow many blessings upon you. Your talents will unlock doors and transport you to new locations. 

-Abiola Madubuka

I really appreciated your Compere effort from last week. It demonstrated creativity and wide audience knowledge. You made us feel at home. Thank you! I am certain you will succeed

- Pst Sade Obasohan

Bibby, You were fantastic during yesterday's conference. Your broad grasp of Risk Management astounded me. You enthralled the audience with your extensive knowledge and expertise. Thank you for being yourself and providing people so much happiness and encouragement.

- Matt Henshaw
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